• Holly Aiken - handmade bags (Raleigh, NC)

  • Matt Amante - sculpture (Greenville, NC)

  • Baggu - reusable bags (Brooklyn, NY)

  • Carolina Shuckers - hand forged oyster knives (Morehead City, NC)

  • Courtesy Press - letterpress (Penland, NC)

  • Courtney Barr - letterpress (Baton Rouge, LA)

  • Todd Cook - photography (Raleigh, NC)

  • Anna Deatherage - textiles (Snow Hill, NC)

  • Matt Egan - printmaking (Greenville, NC)

  • Jeremy Fineman - ceramics (Oklahoma City, OK)

  • Hammerpress - letterpress (Kansas City, MO)

  • Andrew Hayes - sculpture (Penland, NC)

  • Daniel Kariko - photography (Greenville, NC)

  • Lone Leaf Gallery Gifts - organic shirts, picture frames (Washington, NC)

  • Meredith Loughlin - photography, jewelry, handmade gifts (Washington, NC)

  • Neil Loughlin - photography (Washington, NC)

  • Metamorphosis Metals - jewelry (Raleigh, NC)

  • Heather Muise - crochet, printmaking (Greenville, NC)

  • OneTwoCanoe - letterpress, illustration (Columbia, MO)

  • Open Books Journals - handmade journals (Mequon, WI)

  • Reprotique - brass bracelet key chain (Richmond, VA)

  • Amy Scheidegger - digital paintings (Quito, Ecuador / Washington, NC)

  • Julianna Swaney - drawings, cards, etc. (Portland, OR)

  • Sydney Hale Co. - natural soy candles (Arlington, VA)

  • Charity Valentine - photography (Goldsboro, NC)

  • VanCollier - sculpture, housewares (Washington, NC)

  • Willowvane - ceramics (Durham, NC)

  • Yee-Haw Industries - letterpress (Knoxville, TN)

Artist Submission Guidelines:

If you would like to be represented at Lone Leaf Gallery, please send the following information to: loneleafgallery@gmail.com

1.  Artist Statement / Brief Bio

2. Photo Samples of Artwork, or Website Link

Also, we feel that it is important to have a good fit between gallery and artist. So, if possible, please familiarize yourself with Lone Leaf Gallery before submitting materials. All submissions will be kept on file. You will be contacted if we would like to see the original works.

Thank you for your interest and continued support!